Grainfill - Wheat @ Flamstone - Full ear emergence was on 03 Jun 2021 - end of grainfill will occur after 750 degree-days
Date Max TempMin TempDegree-DaysRainfall
Fri04 Jun 20.3 C9.8 C15.050.0 mm
Sat05 Jun 20.8 C9.6 C15.200.0 mm
Sun06 Jun 20.3 C12.6 C16.450.0 mm
Mon07 Jun 20.9 C8.6 C14.750.0 mm
Tue08 Jun 20.9 C8.2 C14.550.0 mm
Wed09 Jun 22.9 C9.3 C16.100.0 mm
Thu10 Jun 21.2 C14.4 C17.800.0 mm
Fri11 Jun 22.1 C15.2 C18.650.0 mm
Sat12 Jun 23.4 C11.6 C17.500.0 mm
Sun13 Jun 25.3 C13.4 C19.350.0 mm
Mon14 Jun 25.4 C12.8 C19.100.0 mm
Tue15 Jun 24.6 C12.1 C18.350.0 mm
Wed16 Jun 25.0 C11.1 C18.050.0 mm
Thu17 Jun 22.0 C15.2 C18.602.4 mm
Fri18 Jun 15.8 C12.4 C14.1015.2 mm
Sat19 Jun 14.1 C11.7 C12.902.2 mm
Sun20 Jun 16.5 C12.8 C14.654.2 mm
Mon21 Jun 13.8 C10.6 C12.2014.2 mm
Tue22 Jun 16.4 C9.6 C13.004.0 mm
Wed23 Jun 21.1 C7.9 C14.500.0 mm
Thu24 Jun 20.3 C11.0 C15.650.0 mm
Fri25 Jun 18.2 C10.6 C14.401.8 mm
Sat26 Jun 19.6 C8.4 C14.000.0 mm
Sun27 Jun 18.3 C13.7 C16.0011.2 mm
Mon28 Jun 20.8 C14.4 C17.6022.8 mm
Tue29 Jun 17.8 C13.7 C15.750.0 mm
Wed30 Jun 21.2 C12.5 C16.850.0 mm
Thu01 Jul 23.5 C13.3 C18.400.0 mm
Fri02 Jul 21.9 C13.7 C17.800.0 mm
Sat03 Jul 19.2 C14.6 C16.900.4 mm
Sun04 Jul 19.5 C13.7 C16.6011.8 mm
Mon05 Jul 18.9 C11.9 C15.408.6 mm
Tue06 Jul 18.5 C11.9 C15.2012.8 mm
Wed07 Jul 20.5 C13.4 C16.950.4 mm
Thu08 Jul 22.1 C12.8 C17.450.0 mm
Fri09 Jul 20.5 C13.1 C16.800.0 mm
Sat10 Jul 19.4 C12.2 C15.805.2 mm
Sun11 Jul 16.9 C10.3 C13.603.6 mm
Mon12 Jul 19.6 C13.5 C16.5510.8 mm
Tue13 Jul 21.8 C14.7 C18.250.0 mm
Wed14 Jul 24.6 C13.6 C19.100.0 mm
Thu15 Jul 22.6 C14.2 C18.400.0 mm
Fri16 Jul 25.7 C13.6 C19.650.0 mm
Sat17 Jul 26.8 C17.3 C22.050.0 mm
Sun18 Jul 30.3 C15.3 C22.800.0 mm
Mon19 Jul 31.0 C17.6 C24.300.0 mm
Tue20 Jul 30.9 C17.3 C24.100.0 mm
End of grainfill was reached (750 DEGREE DAYS) on 20 July 2021 - Period 46 days - Av Temp 16.8
Hilltop - altitude 360ft - Variety Zyatt - Drilled 14-09-21
Thu 03 Jun 2021
Variety - Zyatt
Field - Hilltop